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Founded in 2012, Qlurn IT Solutions Pvt Ltd Private Ltd has potential to deliver software to customers worldwide; ranging from SME’s to large & multinational corporations.

Management has over 18 years of Industry experience
Certified Swiesh advisory board
Project Management Certified Managers
Microsoft certified developers

Qlurn IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is a global IT Infrastructure and Application Solutions Consulting company. Qlurn IT Solutions Pvt Ltd focuses on removing the burden of managing IT infrastructure and effectively manage Heterogeneous IT Infrastructure to ensure enhanced profitability for clients.

Qlurn IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is managed by professionals and technocrats, having over 130 person years of experience in diverse fields. Our mission is to provide “Complete IT Solutions” across all verticals allowing our customers to focus in their core business while we take care of their “Business-Critical” IT Infrastructure.

Our clientbase spans from manufacturing and logistics to software application development companies. Services include IT Infrastructure Management (ESM) & Enterprise Application Development( Swiesh, SHE ) ably supported by our training division that evolves professionals in the fields of Programming, Networking and Database Administration.

Within the span of 8 years we have handled and implemented numbers projects. Our uniqueness lies in leveraging our training resources, that enables quick ‘ramp-up’ of resources, for our consulting services. Qlurn IT Solutions Pvt Ltd Resource-Consulting team is one of the best in the industry requiring a turn-around time of just 6 to 48 hrs for making available “On-demand” IT resources to our clients depending on the skills required.


Qlurn IT Solutions Pvt Ltd consistently strives for achieving the highest quality standards in its software product development of environmental safety & healthy, services and consultancy assuring their clients fullest satisfaction. Marching towards the status of being honored as a company of highest repute and greatest achievements in the field of it in the years.


The mission of Qlurn IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is to satisfy our customers’ needs by providing the best software either by services or products and the best aftersales support. We strive to meet this goal by understanding the customer’s need in case of services and a thorough research before developing a software product. As the tireless team of Qlurn IT Solutions Pvt Ltd software professionals still on the path of innovation, many more software products of international repute, catering to the needs of a cross-section of people, will soon be launched. The success story is all set to continue.