Accidents/Incident Management:

Swiesh’s Incident Management software covers the entire incident management lifecycle. It allows all events to be reported, investigations managed and corrective action plans monitored. The solution offers comprehensive web and mobile data collection features, expert root cause analysis, and advanced reporting capabilities. In addition, built-in best practices can be used to turn incident report data into preventive action plans.

The SWIESH’s Incident Management Software solution is designed to meet the requirements of the EHS management team while driving the workforce to adopt the culture of participation in EHS to achieve corporate goals. As a comprehensive and fully integrated solution, SWIESH allows the logging and management of any type of incident or event related to EHS or broader risk & compliance objectives.

Companies are exposed to operational risks every day. The Deepwater Horizon oil spill, as well as the Bhopal and Seveso disasters show that adverse events can result in catastrophic consequences. Unmitigated exposure to risks can lead to workplace injuries, loss of business, damage to corporate image, lawsuits, claims and other outcomes.

Incidents can occur in different contexts and range in severity. Global organizations with complex operations must address large numbers of incidents in an efficient way, and proactively manage risks. To meet this challenge, companies need interactive, mobile-ready and collaborative solutions to capture, track, investigate, report and analyze incidents and accidents, control risks and improve EHS performance.