Leading organizations – from global conglomerates to mid-sized companies – trust Swiesh as their enterprise cloud suite. For over fifteen years, we have delivered breakthrough results in Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and Sustainability management across a wide range of industries.

Swiesh helps customers every step of the way in digitizing their EHS processes. From start to finish, a structured, but flexible methodology, forms the cornerstone of our implementation process. Each phase is carefully planned and executed with multiple checkpoints at regular intervals.


Blueprinting is the foundation for a successful implementation. The blueprint documents your requirements and serves as the road map for the entire project life cycle. This document is used by the project team to understand key integration points between your business needs, processes, best practices, and our platform functionality


Delivering seamless implementation is one of our key strengths. Backed by Swiesh’s EHS experts and software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model, companies deploy solutions rapidly and cost-effectively. With our solution, customers are not required to purchase and setup hardware, install software, or manage databases.

Training and Education

By providing end users with easy-to-understand solution training and education, Swiesh ensures successful application deployment, which promotes adoption and maximizes ROI for our customers. These services are comprehensive, cost-effective, and delivered in a timely manner.