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Real Estate Digital Marketing

Real estate in India has found new contrivance for marketing and pushing sales and revenues, called real estate digital marketing. Today, high to middle-low end customers’ journey in India starts with online research. Indian customers are excessively using Internet to search and research before buying high value item especially real estate.
In India, when you have more than 200 million users online, which is the creamy layer of India’s marketplace consisting of high-net-worth individuals to middle class and lower-middle class, and then no real estate company in India can afford to ignore Internet’s role as a marketplace and marketing funnel.Now, real estate companies in India are exploiting digital marketing to reduce their marketing spends on traditional media, and enhance their outreach, effectiveness, and conversion rate.
In a survey by Assocham, real estate firms in India spend about Rs. 2,500 crore per annum on advertisements and marketing, out of which 25 per cent are directly spent on digital marketing.With such a major chunk of digital marketing proves that real estate has approved its efficacy and relevance. Just recently, Tata Housing announced that online sales could easily reach 30 per cent of the total revenue in coming years.There you are, if you belong to the real estate industry in India, digital marketing is currently playing crucial role in your sales. Moreover, on Internet you have level playing field, where you can challenge big players with your innovative and creative marketing campaigns and without spending moolah for it.Now question is – “how do you boost your online sales?” to answer that I have listed seven ways you can boost online sales with real estate online marketing. In any high-valued product selling, providing in-depth details helps better and informed purchase decision. Therefore, in real estate digital marketing, blog is at the core to create interest, engage, convince and eventually convert the incoming traffic.