Document Control:

Document Control simplifies the management of critical documents, from automating key processes such as revision tracking to exceeding compliance requirements.

SWIESH DMS Provides integrated document management systems(DMS) to track and store electronic documents.

Key Feature

  • Fully scalable document management engine
  • Advanced search technology
  • Online Edit for text files
  • Ability to share the private document
  • Document view log
  • Ubiquitous user interface the web
  • Access from key corporate systems such as portals and enterprise resource planning tools
  • Version, revision, routing and history log

Centralize documents & improve organizational knowledge

Store all of your organization’s documents in one secure, centralized system and implement consistent, companywide document workflow processes. Easily locate documents using intelligent, global search capabilities that leverage metadata to locate assets with as little as a single word of text.

 Cut review and approval time in half

Automate document review and approval processes with revision task e-mail notifications that minimize the time it takes to track, revise, and approve documents. The out-of-the-box lifecycle management feature enables you to build as many approval process templates as required so that documents get reviewed and approved based on your business needs.

Ensure only accurate, up-to-date documents

Complete version control guarantees only the most recent and approved versions of documents are being accessed and used across your organization. Request to have a document revised, archived, or re-activated and assign a lifecycle management template to facilitate the review and approval workflow for the document.

Exceed compliance requirements

Avoid fines and other penalties by meeting and exceeding document control requirements for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 15489:2001, and OHSAS 18001.

Gain 360 degree document visibility

Capture date, time and user info for all document access and edits and automatically archive every document version, maintaining a complete historical record for legal and auditing purposes.

Control access to documents

Ensure the security of your documents with configurable security settings allowing appropriate document access to be controlled at the levels of individual employee, employee group, department, location and more.