Emissions Management:

SWIESH’s Air Emissions Management Software application was designed by a group industry experts, developers, and existing SWIESH clients to collaboratively created a comprehensive, configurable and intuitive air emissions management system. The resulting software application provides the tools necessary for complete emissions management and streamlines the process of collecting and calculating emissions data while satisfying regulatory reporting requirements.

Centralize emissions data and activities

Collect, track, calculate, and report emissions data (including GHG) from an unlimited number of point sources and locations in a central web-based portal accessible organization-wide.

Calculate emissions generated with ease

Input and store usage/consumption data (production, electricity, fuel, vehicle mileage, etc.) and dynamically link with emission factors to automatically calculate emissions generated.

Automate emissions calculations

Integrates with existing CEMS and ERP systems and supports the import of usage/consumption data and automatic calculation of emissions generated. Automatically calculate and convert all CO2 emissions resulting from greenhouse gas emission point sources.

Get visibility across your organization

Monitor and report emissions data from across your organization in real-time through configurable charts and graphs displayed in corporate dashboards. Track and report emission inventories from individual point sources, locations or divisions, right up to your organization’s total carbon footprint.

Manage emissions related tasks

Manage emissions related tasks Create and automatically assign frequency-based emission tasks to employees with automated escalating email alerts sent to both employees and supervisors for pending and overdue tasks.