Occupational health management software solution, gives your clinic the tools you need to run as efficiently and productively as possible while promoting overall workplace health. With SWIESH’s reports, you can identify workplace trends, average length of time per appointment and the cost of services provided by clinic providers. Take control of workplace health and let help you manage the employee occupational health & safety needs of your organization.

Occupational Health Employee/Contractor software module is responsible for assuring that all Health facilities are compliant with TJC, OSHA, and NIOSH regulatory requirement as it relates to vaccinations, health histories medical surveillance and exposures. Additional information is required to assure that baseline data is collected around job restrictions, VA, SC and NC Medical board and Nursing board substance abuse programs and previous or known injuries. (As an example, OSHA requires that all Healthcare employees be offered the Hepatitis B vaccine within 10 days of their employment start date.).

In order for Employee/Contractor Occupational Health to assure compliance, the collection of new employee/ Contractor information must begin when a new employee, new practice or new facility joins the companies family.

The collection of this information is for use by Employee/Contractor Occupational Health only and is not shared with Human Resources.

Information that needs to be collected consists of the following it ems:

  • Vaccination records for MMR, Mumps, Rubella, Rubeola, Varicella, Tetanus and/or T-Dap . This    should include any known titer results.
  • History of previous Hepatitis B vaccinations or titer results.
  • Date of last tuberculin skin test within the last 12 months
  • Employees who are new to healthcare must have a 2-step TST.
  • Current or permanent work restrictions. (Example –10 lb lifting restriction)
  • Completion of the “post offer placement record” including a complete list of current medications and allergies.
  • Employees who cannot supply vaccination records will be required to have titers drawn. Please bring your records