Environmental Audit:

SWIESH environmental audit Software Solution. The software solution eliminates manual administration and distribution of audits by electronically automating the entire audit process, including: scheduling, notification, linking to historical information, providing a closed loop audit finding follow up process, automating the reporting process, escalation and much more. SWIESH environmental audit is an extremely versatile yet incredibly user friendly system, all while complying with critical business requirements and quality standards.

Auditing can yield tremendous benefits to an organization. In fact, some refer to it as their organization’s secret weapon to success.  Auditing provides the essential input for management to be assured that well defined business processes are truly being followed and generating the results expected.  However, more often than not, organizations perceive auditing as a necessary evil and as such, they struggle to conduct and complete their internal audits or they complete their audits just to satisfy their outside auditor. SWIESH environmental  audit software ensures you have regularly scheduled audits for all critical activities, sends reminders and notices to all required parties, records and scores all results, and allows you to create corrective actions from the audit screen for follow up. For the audit manager, this central location and visibility means greater peace of mind, and ensures follow up items do not fall through the cracks.

Specifically, organizations struggle from barriers that commonly include:

  • Audit scheduling and load balancing
  • Non-centralized and scattered work papers and references (e.g., opportunities for improvement, last year’s audit results, etc.) makes it difficult to pull together data in information to adequately prepare for upcoming
  • Difficulty in linking and tracking audit findings and follow ups
  • Manual based processes require excessive non-value added administration time
  • Audit Report creation is laborious and lags the actual audit
  • Inconsistency in Audit Methods and Reporting making overall analysis and trend reporting very difficult

To compound matters, many organizations are required to conduct audits of various types, including: internal process, layered process, product, financial, supplier, safety, management directed, SOX, among others. As a result, companies aren’t focused on the value auditing can bring to their organization. They are more focused on just getting them done and checked off the list.

To actually realize the true benefits of the audit process and move it from more of a compliance mindset to a focus of      achieving business value, organizations have to find a way to effectively and efficiently manage the audit process

Benefits of the Audit Module

  • Ensures and facilitates compliance with requirements of the process based audit approach
  • Ensures that defined best practices and policies are actually being effectively implemented
  • Facilitates compliance with layered process audit requirements
  • Reduces auditor qualification time by enabling audit knowledge and tips to be captured directly within the audit questions
  • Highlights areas requiring improvement by quickly and easily generating graphical and numerical reports
  • Enables time savings through automated management of the entire audit function: from preparation to completion

Features of the Audit Module

  • Ensures audits are scheduled and completed in a timely manner as SWIESH environmental  audit software automates the management of the audit process, including fully integrated email capabilities that notify and automatically schedule audit personnel as well as keep track of and notify appropriate individuals of critical audit events.
  • Enables review of audit results in the way the end user prefers: graphical, summary or detail format.
  • Facilitates continuous improvement by allowing the users not to forget the “tough questions” on the audit questionnaire through data validation checking.
  • SWIESH environmental  audit software  is shipped preloaded with questions for a quick, easy start.
  • Supports all types of audits from internal process audits, layered audits, product audits,  supplier audits to third party audits, and much more
  • Allows for point and click creation of audit checklist templates that can be easily copied and modified for the next audit with no retyping
  • Supports the creation of customized user questions specific to an organization, activity, or element reference
  • Ensures that issues do not fall through the cracks by integrating with other SWIESH systems so that corrective action requests and opportunities for improvement can be documented, resolved and verified by assigning responsibility and due dates
  • Precludes unauthorized modifications to audit results due to SWIESH full-featured security functionality
  • Ensures that audit findings are reported to the responsible employees, suppliers or others involved in the audit process ensuring continuous improvement
  • Simplifies audit scheduling based on an user configurable algorithm helping to ensure that activities are audited based on the status and importance of the business activity