General Manufacturing industries include metal industries like Steel, Copper, Aluminum, and Zinc. Other industries such as Automobile, Rerolling mills, Electronics, Electrical, and Engineering are also categorized as general industries. These industries deploy heavy machinery in their operations and employees are exposed to extreme unsafe working conditions, heat and use of high risk equipment. These conditions pose greater risk to employees unless they are equipped with proper safety measures and appliances.

Swiesh products help industries in these aspects tominimize risks and offer a safer work culture.

Swiesh Solutions

  • Handling procedures of chemicals through MSDS
  • Record and analyze potential risk prone areas and conditions for corrections
  • Provide job risk analysis to forecast potential risks for correction
  • Identify training needs of the employees and educate employees on PPE
  • Provide alerts through e-mailing and messaging for periodic inspection of handling equipment and accessories
  • Conduct safety audits to create and manage safety environment

Solutions by Swieshfor Software Challenges in Safety Management

  • Enterprise wide data and AggregationFirst Swieshprovides comprehensive data with provision for classification and categorization of incidents for managerial reviews and detailed trend analysis.
  • Real time information recording and reportingFirst Swieshprovides recording of real-time information and enables timely generation and submission of MIS and statutory Reports.
  • Scalability and FlexibilityFirst Swiesh is flexible and scalable to facilitate enhanced business requirements and can be easily integrated with functional and divisional wings of the organization.
  • Integration with existing ERP Swiesh can be easily integrated with any existing ERPs to derive desired safety management solutions.
  • Automation and standardization of data management

    Swiesh provides uniform systems for data collection and storage for easyretrieval and processing.