Developed by safety professionals, the Inspections module in Swiesh ’s Safety Suite is an important tool to help safety professionals manage all aspects of their inspection programs.

Swiesh’s Inspection Management software streamlines all your inspection tasks: create forms and checklists, schedule inspections, record results and track corrective actions to completion.

Streamline your safety process and prevent workplace injuries and fatalities before they happen. Swiesh’s Inspection Management software enables your employees to capture observation information in real-time, then take immediate action to address hazards and cultivate a safer and healthier working environment. Leverage the power of picture-taking options, voice to text translation features, capture to drastically improve your inspection and incident reporting process.

Gain complete visibility into inspection performance

Manage inspection data in a secure, centralized system. Real-time reports summarize inspection information at a glance and configurable charts and graphs empower you to quickly identify trends.

Standardize your inspection reporting process

Ensure consistent inspection data is recorded organization-wide by providing easy access to web-based inspection forms and checklists to users across departments, facilities and locations.

Streamline inspection-related tasks and drive results

Easily identify and assign follow-up tasks related to inspection findings. Ensure their completion with escalating email notifications and dashboards that display completed, pending and overdue tasks.

Reduce liability and fulfill compliance requirements

Ensure all legally required inspections are completed with scheduling functionality and automatic reminders that simplify the process of meeting applicable local, national and international standards.

Take advantage of mobile and offline functionality

Access your inspection forms and checklists remotely from any location. With  Swiesh EverSync, perform inspections directly from the floor or the field on your mobile device during periods of non-connectivity.

Key Benefits of the Inspections Module:

This module will enable you to:

  • Set up inspection programs to help identify and control risks and comply with legal and other requirements
  • Collect and record all of your various inspection related details, simplifying inspection record keeping
  • Provide inspection administrators with a central access point to view and manage their full inspection program, including completion status and history of the related findings and actions
  • Accelerate communication and Inspections with automated workflows such as automatic email notifications for non-conformances
  • Ensure that all actions and items resulting from an Inspections are satisfactorily completed and closed
  • Generate effective reports to review inspection results

Creating & Managing Safety Inspections:

  • Create recurrent inspection programs and assign to multiple inspectors/locations
  • Customize inspection check sheets to your needs with use of the Swiesh’s Quectionaire module
  • Connect inspections to legal and other requirements (integrated with the Compliance module)
  • Configure automatic reminders to be sent to inspectors and/or their supervisors
  • Provide inspection assignees with a complete list of all their inspections with the corresponding status (due, overdue, complete)
  • Enable inspection administrators to easily track:
    • Completion status of inspections
    • History of findings/actions generated from the inspection program