Metals and Mining


Swiesh provides a complete set of software solutions for managing environment, safety and quality performance across the metals and mining industry.

The metals and mining industry is currently going through one of its toughest times in recent history. Companies are operating in a complex environment characterized by volatile prices due to supply demand imbalances, tougher global economic conditions, and increasing operational challenges. Increasing regulatory pressures, including recent MSHA and EPA requirements regarding employee health and safety and greenhouse gas and climate change regulations continue to threaten the metals and mining industry. Stakeholders’ expectations regarding EHS&S performance, governance, risk, compliance and transparency remain very high – and the new paradigm that you must continually earn your “license to operate” pervades. To create value today and secure competitive advantage for the future, organizations must manage operations to prevent serious incidents, minimize occupational injuries and illnesses, and comply with environmental impact assessment requirements to secure requisite operational permits.

Leveraging experience from serving metal and mining customers, Swiwsh empowers companies with actionable insights and predictive analytics to significantly improve EH&S performance and achieve major cost and risk reduction. Here are just a few examples of how our comprehensive integrated EH&S solution with powerful analytics can help you.