Safety Audit:

Conduct systematic investigations to check whether the activities and results are conforming to the planned measures. Track findings and recommendations to strictly adhere to and suggest corrective actions for better performance.

Developed by safety professionals, the Audits software module in Swiesh’s Safety Suite is an important tool to help safety professionals manage all aspects of their audit and inspection programs. For clarity, here is how we define audits:

This module will enable you to:

  • Set up audit programs to help identify and control risks and comply with legal and other requirements
  • Collect and record all of your various audit a related details, simplifying audit recordkeeping
  • Provide audit administrators with a central access point to view and manage their full audit program, including completion status and history of the related findings and actions
  • Accelerate communication and action with automated workflows such as automatic email notifications for non-conformances
  • Ensure that all actions and items resulting from an audit are satisfactorily completed and closed
  • Generate effective reports to review audit/inspection results

Key Features:

  • Record audit results and document findings
  • Assign, Track and follow-up corrective actions
  • Manage protocol libraries for audits, checklists and corrective actions
  • Track task completions with automated reminders and notifications
  • Identify non-conformities and conduct repetitive audits

Creating & Managing Safety Audits

  • Create any type of audit and capture relevant details such as audit type, status, start/end dates, lead/back-up auditors, location, etc.
  • Consolidate and store all the information collected during your audits, including pictures, documents, questionnaires, and findings/actions
  • Customize audit check sheets to your needs with use of the Swiesh’s  Questionnaire module, Configure your system to auto-generate findings based on question responses
  • Multiple legal requirements can be tied to a single audit
  • Include risk ratings for each finding
  • Assign multiple actions/assignees to one finding
  • Generate corrective or preventive actions and ensure action completion via automatic email notifications (including a direct link to the action) sent to assignees
  • Track status of all findings and actions  related to a specific audit or group of audits