Waste Management:

Swiesh Waste Management software empowers you to easily track and report on the various stages of waste management and disposal for simplified compliance with regulations.

Accurately reporting the chemical composition of your hazardous and nonhazardous waste can be a nearly impossible task.

Many businesses choose to compensate and over-report their emissions rather than subject themselves to the complicated work of correctly account for their materials in their waste management.

SWIESH’s Waste Management Module is powerful and flexible enough to simplify the complicated waste reporting process, no matter what kind of waste you produce and how you dispose of it.

You can track and report your facility’s waste with confidence using our Waste Management Module to monitor the chemical composition of all the waste your facility produces and disposes of.

Cradle-to-Grave Waste Tracking

SWIESH’s Waste Management Module puts your waste management efforts in communication with your air and water emissions management. This enables you to claim the maximum emissions credit you are entitled to, meaning your emissions and waste reporting is precise and accurate.

SWIESH’s software makes it simple for you to:

  • Automatically track and report the chemical composition of your waste, using our integrated Master Chemical List. Our software is capable of tracking the composition of your waste using several methods to ensure you get the most accurate reports possible.
  • Monitor your waste production for just a single site or across your entire company.
  • Claim your air emissions credits by linking your air emissions and waste management.
  • Quickly manage your data using a central, unified database containing all of your waste information and chemicals.

Fully Supported & Simplified Reporting

The Waste Management Module has all of the ¬†waste reports and codes you need already built into the software, so generating comprehensive reports takes just minutes after you’ve entered your data into our system.

Our Waste Management Module enables you to:

  • Produce a number of reports already pre-built in our software. If there are any more reports you require, we will be happy to build them for you.
  • Automatically produce all of your required reports in a format that is instantly ready to submit to your local government.
  • Accurately demonstrate your compliance using the correct reporting codes that come built-in to the software.
  • Create detailed reports telling you exactly how much of each chemical is in your waste and the actions you’ve taken with it.

Comprehensive Recordkeeping

SWIESH’s Waste Management Module produces and archives detailed records of your facility’s waste, how you manage your waste, and your expenses.

With our recordkeeping tools you can:

  • Manage your expenses by creating expense reports showing how and when your waste is disposed of or transported, who is responsible for managing your waste disposal, and all of the associated costs or revenues.
  • Track your waste containers including where your containers are stored, where your waste is collected, when your containers are collected, and what sort of waste they contain.

Seamless Integration with Other Management Modules

SWIESH’s Waste Management Module software can integrate fully with our entire suite of management modules to create a powerful and comprehensive environmental management system to meet all of your business’ needs.

Using the module as part of a fully integrated system, you can:

  • Reduce your air emissions by claiming the credit back from your hazardous waste.
  • Create notifications to ensure accountability in your waste management with the Compliance Module.

SWIESH’s team of Environmental Professionals will work with you to determine the most effective implementation of our Waste Management Module, and will stand behind any calculations the software makes and will provide supporting documentation as necessary for Regulatory Agencies, giving you peace of mind.