Permits Management:

Swiesh’s E-Work Permits Management software acts as a central, user-friendly database for organizations to manage, track and report on all permits and their data, from required activities to renewal dates. Permit to Work system is a formal safety control document designed to prevent injury to employees, contractors and third parties as well as to property, particularly when work with foreseeable high hazard content is undertaken. The Permit sets out the work to be done, precautions to be taken and the responsibilities of individuals.

A permit to work system forms an essential part of a safe system of work. It also forms an integral part of a risk assessment process, where specific hazards are identified, and suitable control measures are implemented prior to commencement of the work task.

Centralize and track your permit data and dates

Store and track all of your important data and dates related to permits in one centralized location accessible to employees across your organization.

Avoid costly fines and penalties associated with noncompliance

Ensure ongoing, up-to-date compliance with all your permits and never miss an expiration or renewal date with automatic email notifications sent to employees responsible for maintaining permit compliance.

Maintain auditable historical compliance records

Use automatic archiving and document tracking tools to satisfy ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements and ensure 100% audit preparedness.

Gain complete visibility on compliance performance

Assess complete companywide permits compliance performance metrics in an instant with real-time dashboards and scorecards summarizing compliance status, and other related information.

Streamline task tracking and follow-up activity management

Ensure tasks related to permits, and certificates are tracked and follow-up actions (e.g. reporting and administrative tasks) are generated and assigned to employees to maintain companywide compliance.

Manage compliance costs and boost your bottom line

Generate comprehensive reports on all areas of permit compliance costs to easily determine budget requirements, build forecasts and summaries, and effectively minimize the cost of complete permit compliance.

Avoid Penalties, Fines and Non-compliance

Tracking permit requirements can be difficult, especially for large companies that require multiple permits to operate. With built-in alerts, real-time visibility to compliance status, and automated task management, Swiesh’s solution takes the guess work out of permits management – mitigating costly fines and penalties while increasing efficiency.