Electronics companies are grappling with unprecedented pressures. They face a radically changing world, relentless competition, and short product lifecycles. In order to stay alive, they are focused on expanding their offerings and maximizing value. Over the last 5 years, a majority of companies have been outsourcing their manufacturing operations in an effort to lower operating costs and reduce capital investments. This development has elevated the importance of supply chain alignment and product lifecycle sustainability. With respect to product lifecycle sustainability, companies must reduce their products’ impact by designing them to use fewer harmful substances, be more durable, reusable and recyclable, make products from recycled materials, and keep up with ever changing country specific regulations that can prohibit sale of products. Additionally, companies must reduce their environmental footprint and track compliance with sustainability, including labor standards along the entire supply chain.
How we Help Customers
Leveraging experience from serving customers in the electronics industry, Swiesh empowers companies with insight and predictive analytics to achieve significant performance improvement and major cost reductions. Here are just a few examples of how our solutions can help you.