Safety Action Meetings:

Safety Action Meetings Management software streamlines all tasks associated with your safety meetings while maintaining audit-ready records and ensuring compliance with common standards.

Swiesh’s Safety Action Meeting Management Software makes it easy to collect information on which employees are participating in safety meetings, and what they discuss, as well as when and where.

Get Smarter

Data analysis is a powerful tool. Gain insight into company-wide performance related to the review of important safety documents. Use data analysis tools to identify those who do well and those who need encouragement.

Measure Success

Key Performance Indicators can be used to easily examine how many safety meetings are held within a particular timeframe for a particular facility or location. Make sure everyone is participating at an appropriate rate.

Get Better

Easily identify safety meeting topics and safety documents reviewed most often. Analyze the data to select the most important items to assess from time to time. Review all safety documents in the appropriate time frame.

Go Mobile

Don’t be stuck at your desk. Begin, conduct, and record safety meetings from anywhere using a mobile device. You can also work offline, and sync whenever a connection is available.

Share Best Practices

Share the best safety tools across the entire company. Analyze what your best and safest crews are doing and share that knowledge with others.

Save Time

Complete records of the meetings with fewer clicks. Instantly snap a photo, and add annotations to keep vital records handy for the future. Gain access to the latest version of important documents without searching around.

Schedule, track and report on safety meetings from a centralized database

Set up automatic recurring meetings at a frequency you determine to ensure ongoing oversight on projects, programs or other high priority items.

Manage attendance and spot trends in absenteeism

You can select individuals or groups of individuals who are required to attend specific meetings and report on attendance.

Maintain an accurate record of distributed materials

You can attach an unlimited number of meeting related documents, images or videos that can be accessed and referenced at any time.

Create and assign tasks as outcomes of the meeting to ensure items are followed up on.

An unlimited number of follow up actions can be logged as a result of the meeting, notifications are sent out the person responsible and their manager if the task runs overdue.

Ensure audit preparedness

All safety meeting data is archived for year-round for internal and external safety audits.