Equipment :

The Equipment module is available in every Swiesh Software Suite but is configured differently in each suite as appropriate. As part of Swiesh’s Safety Software Suite, the Equipment module provides Safety professionals with the ability to comprehensively manage a wide variety of equipment that should be tracked, calibrated, inspected or maintained.

Key Benefits of the Equipment Module

This module will enable safety professionals to:

  • Manage any/all safety-related equipment that requires periodic testing, calibration, inspection or maintenance
  • Consolidate all safety, environmental, ergonomic and equipment together in one tracking interface, if necessary
  • Track all historical information regarding equipment inspection, calibration and maintenance
  • Ensure compliance with equipment licensing or permitting requirements
  • Streamline and automate calibration/inspection process with automated workflows
  • Document and track any issues with the equipment through integration with the Hazard and incident modules.