Industrial Hygiene Challenges:
What Matters to Industrial Hygiene Professionals

Can you map out your sampling plan a year in advance? Can you link all samples conducted to that plan? Can you electronically assign sampling plans? Do you run statistical analysis of multiple sampling results to determine confidence intervals, thus ensuring that there is minimal potential for employee overexposure to hazardous chemicals? Do you have an effective method for keeping track of all your monitoring equipment’s maintenance and calibration? Can industrial hygiene consultants record their sampling details in your system or do they hand you paper or electronic reports?
Qualitative assessment:
Do you have a means to qualitatively assess workplace exposures in order to prioritize and allocate resources? Do you have programs, automated if possible, to recognize and evaluate hazards and risk in the workplace? Can you act on that data to put controls in place before those hazards and risks become a problem?
Standardized data
Is your occupational hygiene data and work processes standardized across your organization? Can you manage and analyze exposure results from multiple hygienists at multiple sites? Can you make meaningful comparisons amongst the sites and business units and produce sound aggregate data?
Preventive actions:
Can you prove that you recognized and documented a hazardous workplace exposure and tried to do something about it? In the unfortunate event your views are ignored by management, are they at documented for the record?