Risk Assessment:

Swiesh’s Risk Assessment Software Module is a web-based application for managing all aspects of operational risks. The Module enables organizations to have a central repository to store all critical information related to jobs or other risks. With this application, users have the flexibility to establish assessment frequency, generate employee notification of required corrective actions, and record all details of a risk assessment.

Swiesh’s  Risk Assessment software allows you to easily assess risk levels, communicate hazards and controls and prioritize risk reduction efforts across your organization.

Identify, assess and prioritize risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to prevent operational disruptions. Initiate corrective actions to minimize, monitor and control the probability and / or eliminate risks.

Get extensive hazard analysis reports and control operational risk within a single interface. Swiesh’s solution provides users with the flexibility to establish assessment frequency, generate employee notification of required corrective actions, and record assessment details.

Key Features:

  • Manage comprehensive observations data
  • Prepare and analyze behavioral trending charts
  • Organize management activities and scorecards
  • Identify training needs for motivation and behavioral transformations

Set goals and follow-ups through Email notifications and alerts

Operational Risk Management

Increase visibility and decrease uncertainty by managing all your risk-related activities from one central web-based system.

Swiesh Risk Management software empowers you to take control of both existing and potential hazards and risks, integrating risk management into all key organizational processes.

Centralize and streamline your risk management program

Uniformly and proactively manage all types of risk from across your business through a single, securely accessed, web-based software tool that will reduce risk and improve operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Identify and manage risks across all contexts

Analyze, assess and treat risks based on any single or combination of contexts such as location, department, equipment, people, job task, job title, material, process, project and more.

Integrate risk management into all key organizational processes

The software follows the ISO 31000 Risk Management and Risk Assessment framework letting you incorporate it into your day-to-day processes and decisions making, reducing risk and driving performance.

Communicate and Consult > Establish Context > Identify Risks > Analyze Risks > Evaluate Risks > Monitor and Review > Treat Risks

Make fast, informed decisions to prevent and mitigate risks

Real-time dashboards, a report generator and library of preconfigured reports provide a 360 degree view of your organization’s risk data at a glance and facilitate effective allocation of resources for risk treatment.

Drive completion of risk prevention and mitigation tasks

Automatically assign follow-up corrective and preventive action tasks to employees through automated, escalating email notifications and easily track and report the progress of their completion.

Risk Assessments/Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

  • Track all task, hazard, control, and risk assessment inputs in one record, allowing you to easily visualize the risk, understand key controls, and prioritize actions for risk reduction
  • Configure our risk assessment software to your company risk assessment methodology: choose which risk factors, control factors, formulas, colours, icons, values you require
  • Allow assessors to describe task, hazards, and controls with both free text and user-defined drop-down choices
  • Visualize the risk before and after a control is introduced and offers a third iteration of risk that is based on an ideal / future control
  • Use a powerful and configurable risk calculation tool to automatically determine risk based on your requirements. This tool can:
    • Incorporate up to 12 different factors including probability, severity, and frequency
    • Calculate risk using a matrix model with pre-defined risk level for each quadrant, OR
    • Calculate risk using user-defined simple or complex formulas
  • View Job Hazard Analysis in a separate, simplified view for worker training and compliance to JHA requirements. There is also a system-generated JHA report.
  • Link to incident investigation data so that investigators can view active assessments related to a job where an incident occurred
  • Improve efficiency using tools such as copy, clone, and inactivation actions for a risk assessment task