Occupational Health Suite :
Occupational Health Software
Health Surveillance Data At Your Fingertips
Swiesh’s advanced Occupational Health Suite will enable you to track medical trends, manage compliance and regulatory requirements, mitigate absences, and make informed decisions on how to improve employee health and productivity.Developed by occupational health nurses, case managers, risk management experts, and physicians, Swiesh’s integrated occupational health software offers the most intuitive and comprehensive functionality on the market. High-profile government organizations, Swiesh is proud to lead the way in EHS data management.
Key Benefits of Swiesh’s Occupational Health Software
With Swiesh’s Occupational Health Software Suite, you will:

  • Standardize employee health data management across multiple sites or countries
  • Implement and/or streamline electronic medical recordkeeping, supporting accuracy and compliance of the medical record
  • Measure and trend clinic utilization and employee health with robust reporting capabilities
  • Easily visualize key indicators and priority activities with a personalized medical dashboard
  • Increase clinic productivity with valuable features such as auto e-mail notifications, business rules, predictive text, note templates, interfaces with medical testing equipment, and more
  • Submit orders and print off prescriptions, and access & print drug profiles and data sheets during the order process
  • Gain one-stop access to an employee’s complete medical history via the Medical Chart Module.
  • Manage medical surveillance with an advanced scheduler that allows you to create the surveillance activity, set up exposure groups, and automatically notify the employee(s) being recalled as many times as required.
  • Integrate medical, case management and safety data to eliminate redundant data entry, improve communications, and ensure data accuracy when an employee is sick, injured or absent
  • Mitigate absences and claims and be able to demonstrate return-on-investment from your case management programs
  • Network with an esteemed group of occupational health professionals via Swiesh’s client community portal, user group conferences, and other educational activities
  • Take advantage of flexible configuration options to tailor the system to fit your unique business requirements

Swiesh’s occupational health modules provide the occupational health practitioner with a complete occupational health software solution to manage all clinic activities.

Health suite enables overall management of health of the employees with an organisation and includes the following modules.

  • Employees/Contractor
  • Pre-Medical History
  • Periodical Medical History
  • Accidents & Injuries
  • Rehabilitation